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A Prettier Hate Machine

- Saturday, December 4, 2010

The 1989 industrial rock classic gets a polishing off and some sweet loving…

pretty hate machine (2010, Bicycle; 1989 TVT)   Just a few days ago, on the 22d of November, Bicycle Records released the new remastered version of the classic 1989 nine inch nails album pretty hate machine. As the story goes, the rights to the album bounced around from company to company before finding its way to Bicycle Records, a label apparently friendly to Mr. Reznor. Contact was made and a new remastering of this classic went underway.


   The finished product is absolutely fantastic. Listening to the two versions side by side very clearly illustrates to the listener the improvements and higher sound quality in this new version. The original release sounds murky now, like a thrice cassette taped (and left out in the rain) copy. Listening to this release felt like hearing the album for the first time again.


   Added to this beauty is a b-side from the sin single [halo 4], Get Down Make Love (originally by Queen). This rare collaboration between Reznor and Ministry’s creative force Al Jourgensen (handling production duties) is given the same wonderful treatment as the rest of the album.


   I do not normally endorse remastered versions of music, feeling that the original universally captures the sound better. This, however, is the exception to the rule. The remastered version of pretty hate machine truly is a prettier hate machine. out the official website for the release for a load of bonus videos and downloads.

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