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Albums Turning Twenty IV: Carnival of Chaos, by GWAR

- Saturday, March 25, 2017

3 February: David Bowie – Earthling
18 February: Lost Highway OST
3 March: Ulver – Nattens Madrigal

25 March: GWAR – Carnival Of Chaos

22 April: Ani Difranco – Living In Clip
20 May: Foo Fighters – The Colour And The Shape
30 May: Dimmu Borgir – Enthrone Darkness Triumphant
16 June: Radiohead – OK Computer
8 July: Emperor – Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk
16 August: Mayhem – Deathcrush
30 September: Portishead – Portishead
25 November: nine inch nails – Closure

    The year 1997 was a big one for me both personally and socially. I was deeply involved in music, writing, and the arts, and my personal life was winding up in a crescendo of self-discovery and debauchery. That was twenty years ago and I am writing a little bit about each album on their release dates.

Today, we look at a mid-period release by GWAR, Carnival of Chaos



GWAR - Carnival of Chaos

    Carnival of Chaos is, in my opinion, the last great album by GWAR and a transition point for the band. From the opening assault of Penguin Attack to the unexpected and lovely closer Don’t Need A Man, Carnival of Chaos delivers as a culmination of everything I loved about GWAR in the 90s. The Private Pain Of Techno Destructo and Back To Iraq join Penguin Attack as the album’s catchy but aggressive slices of metal, while Sammy (a tribute to Sammy Davis Jr.) carries a nice flowing groove. GWAR dipped into the weird with this album as well (a place in their songwriting that would be much too present on their following album We Kill Everything) with wobbly odes to debauchery and oddity like Sex Cow, Gonna Kill U, and Billy Bad Ass. Thankfully, this album also features another Beefcake-led rock out with I Hate Love Songs. If you are selective in which GWAR albums you own, this is one of the must-haves.

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