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Blame Crappy Parents

- Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Earlier, I was reading an article about the drug dealing mini-game to be included in the upcoming Nintendo DS GTA game, Chinatown Wars. The usual backlash against Rockstar Games will ensue. One commenter made the usual argument that children will play this. To her rant, I replied thusly:

Jdill, if the parents are not monitoring what their children are playing, then they are guilty of CHILD NEGLECT. If the parents buy adult-themed items for children, they are guilty of Disseminating Indecent Material To Minors. It is a parent’s RESPONSIBILITY to inspect and search out what is in content they may possibly purchase for their minor child. I am a gamer and have enjoyed gaming since I was a child. I am also a parent. I closely keep track of what I buy for my son. If I were to buy my son content intended for an adult, I would be the guilty party, not the game developers nor publishers. It is un-American and just plain stupid to blame video game publishers and developers for the consumer’s bad parenting.

The article can be found here: at

I stand by that statement. It is irritatingly tiring to constantly hear people blaming game developers and publishers for the lack of parenting skills in our fair land. This is a true marker for the state of our culture. Rather than taking responsibility for one’s faults, we seem obsessed with scapegoating and finding a supposed villain to blame and chastise. If some klutz slips on a patch of ice because he was not paying attention to where he was stepping, he may then try to sue the city or the owner of the property, as if it were their fault he made a stupid move. So, if some parent who either does not know how to say no to their child or just doesn’t care purchases the latest GTA for said child stumbles across a brilliantly graphic scene freaks out, they will likely not say, “Wow, I should have been paying attention to what I was buying my child.” Rather, this unfit parent will immediately blame the store who sold it to them, the publisher who released the game, and the developers who made the game. I abhor these so-called parents. They are pathetic parasites sucking the life, liberty and freedom out of our society.

You do not have to love graphic media to loathe a bad parent.


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