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Web Comics

xKCD , web comic by Randall Munroe — be sure to check out the What If? section while you’re there.
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal , the wit and book learnin’ of Zach Weiner
The Oatmeal , legendary humor from Matthew Inman
Existential Comics , existential humor and philosophical shenanigans
Dinosaur Comics , ancient lizard profundity by Ryan North
Ornery Boy , the adventures of one angry bastard and his cohorts by Michael Lalonde

Blog Roll

Naturally Curious with Mary Holland, an online resource based on the award-winning nature guide
The Senseless Blog , the only blog about being a musician that you’ll ever need to read
Baron Von Blog , expert nerdery and good tunes
Neurologica , daily dose of neuroscience, skepticism, and critical thinking
BadAstronomy , the entire universe in blog form