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- Saturday, January 1, 2011

CES 2011 kicks off in a few days and tablets are looking to be the big thing. Wait… is this déjà vu I am feeling?

   I recall, very distinctly, a slew of seemingly excellent tablets being kicked around CES 2010; all of which made me scoff at the introduction of the iPad. Then, the iPad was released, in typical, bloated Apple fashion, and these wonderful tablets that littered CES 2010 were nowhere to be found. Th’f*ck?!


   So, it looks like this year will be round two on the tablet front. Will I be assaulted with wonderful tablet previews that will never materialize, or will Android, Chrome, Ubuntu, and Windows 7 tablets rise up? Will we see the beginning of the tablet OS wars? A slew of Android tablets are planned for this year, and I am interested in seeing what the device manufacturers have to offer at the show. I predict any Ubuntu tablets to keep a fun but background position, like its desktop variation. webOS looks to have an offering. I am curious about a tablet optimized Windows 7, which the HP TouchSmart PC could be considered a sneak peek of.


   I’ll be tweeting what I like and hate about the show as I watch video feeds from lucky bastards actually there. Check it out.

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