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Enslaved Watcher, Earache In A Box, And A Behemoth Six Feet Under

- Monday, November 17, 2008

   Blabbermouth says [link] legendary Norwegian viking metal band Enslaved will be making a new video directed by none other than Patric Ullaeus. Ullaeus has directed impressive promo videos for Dimmu Borgir and In Flames. The video will be for The Watcher, from their new recording Vertebrae. With the new album shredding the ice from our ears, I’m excited to see this video.

   Earache Records has announced a new box set [link] featuring 5 discs of pure metal mayhem. Worldwide Metal contains 5 hours of pure metal divided into territories (2 US discs, 1 UK disc, 1 Scandinavia disc, 1 Europe disc, and the PC game) and a PC version of their budget-bin video game Earache: Extreme Metal Racing. The big selling point for this huge package is the selling price. MOSH369 will run at $15-16 (12.50 Euro, 10 GBP), the cost of one CD! It may be well worth it, indeed.

   Metal Blade Records just released new albums for Six Feet Under and Behemoth. Six Feet Under’s new deathfest, Death Rituals, will probably be more of the same we’ve heard for the last decade. Behemoth’s new blast attack, Ezkaton, will most likely kick us in the asses and violate us until we’re dead. You’ve got to love those Europeans.

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