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Good Parenting: Setting An Example

- Monday, April 13, 2009

   One of the most important aspects of properly raising a child is teaching by example. You can tell your children time and time again what and what not to do. You can explain the why’s and wherefores until your tongue falls out. You can punish, scold, praise and celebrate until your arms fall off. It really makes very little difference by way of teaching a lesson. What reaches your children more successfully and efficiently than anything else is example.

   Toddlers are mimics. They constantly observe us very closely then try to emulate what we do. If we typically grunt when doing a task (such as picking up an item we just dropped accidentally), the child will then begin grunting in the same scenario. Life is new to them and we are old hands at it. They look upon us as the ones who know how to do everything. So, to get a handle on this outside world, they watch us and learn.

   If you want to raise a morally solid, emotionally developed and well adjusted child, you need to be these things yourself. You must strive to be who you want your child to grow up to be. Our children are learning how to live by our example. Let’s make it a good one.

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