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I Am Calling To You

- Sunday, September 12, 2010

A mindscape too abstract to form lies beneath;
but structured above is the crest of thought.
To the north, a land of ice.
To the south, a land of fire.
To the east, forests vast.
To the west, abyssous seas.
Here be a meadow.
In darkness, so pierces a light.
In light, so lays shadow.
At dusk we rise from the depths.

Like little black butterflies,
fluttering upward from nothing,
impulses swirl to the surface.

A world of greys
I see, beyond the spectrum.
Static from afar, the oscillations of a pulsar;
but upon its breast, the undulations of my waters
ebb and flux, from dissonant tones, a dark chord.
The note rings in your soul, beneath the depths
where little but the darkest desires dwell.
That shiver, quiver begets a sliver from
formless to formed, feeling to thought.
Move on impulse and push forward. I wait.

I am calling to you. Can you hear?
I am calling to you.

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