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Ihsahn Live, Tokyo 5 Dec 2011

- Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Yes. My brain imploded with happiness. Thanks to the person who filmed and uploaded this show.

From the video’s description:
Ihsahn and The Haunted played the Shibuya-O venue last night with Leprous as support. Leprous are Ihsans backing band, but also are an independant band in their own right. I was fortunate enough to be able to record both full sets in HD – Over an hour of live music each.
Ihsahn is of course was the frontman for Emperor and this was the first time I had seen him live. It was the first time for him to come to Japan. The gig was excellent and the sound was not bad considering Shibuya-O’s poor mix for the LockUp/Brutal Truth gig last month. My impression of IHSAHN and his backing band Leprous was similar to that of a teacher jamming with his students. IHSAHN was cool and very professional onstage, being a seasoned performer for well over a decade. The backing band seemed a little greener, but musically they were excellent. Keep an eye out for Leprous in the future.
I managed to get their entire set. And for some reason the only tall Asian in the building just had to stand directly between me and the stage, so theres an annoying head in the shot from time to time. I wanted to kick him in the spine at one point. He could have stood anywhere, and for some parts he was standing still just staring at the ceiling indifferently, his only purpose obviously to just be unknowingly in my line of sight.
If youre wondering why the image flickers with a white ambience, it was a strobe light on stage that came on now and then… the camera didnt quite know how to record it properly.

Now go and ‘Like’ this video on its page, thank the nice person and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

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