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Of Frost And Ardor

- Friday, December 30, 2011

   With frost hanging in the air and inclement winter weather moving into the valley, I post yet another old piece, mildly revised and cleaned up, for the reading pleasure of any who will it. This is titled Of Frost And Ardor and sums a feeling still relevant in this period.

Of Frost And Ardor

The taste of frost hangs in the air.
It wakes every nerve below my skin.
I draw breath on it and wait.
Such specks of ice in the black sky
Scattered above… I get a taste
Of desire, crystallized and pure.
I remember the taste of longing,
The smell of fear and wonder,
And passion wells up within me.
There have been many prey to my
Focus and aim, and there are;
One sea of euphoria hangs in
My twisting mind this night.
I can see what I crave
In my mind so clearly.
Those shards of ice in the sky
Come together before me, blue and pure,
Frozen seas of wonder.
I’ll wait for the right time.
This mortal coil of mine is not yet
Short and the hunt has many moons.
The hour will come blue one day.

Venus removes her girdle
By the set of the Sun.
She then comes undone,
Musing amidst my intent.
In this threshold of night and day
I crawl to you behind reality and
Pull your hair firmly back.
I will taste you by night’s fall.
Luna, she rises in the east
To witness this feast.
Though predator to prey,
The hunt is just a means
To a divine transformation.

You will writhe.

Just the shift from day to night,
A sliver of eternity belongs to me.
You shiver before me as you wake.
This, fair göttin, is your blue hour.

Let go; let thy deepest will be done.

What do you desire in the deepest,
Blackest depths of your thriving,
Passionate heart? What calls to you?
At the very summit of your rapture,
What lusts enthrall your mind and
Grip your very consciousness?
In furthest reaches beyond your
Waking self-control, what forces move
Your immeasurable heights of ecstasy?

In younger days, I crept beneath a shroud.
I watched and waited and reached out only
To pull back. Time wore away my youth.
The attrition of heartache chiseled me to bone.
I have died and been reborn far too many times.
I have not fallen so far I cannot climb back,
But I have forgotten who I was.
In your essence, I left my impression.
In your soul, by the rhythm of your heart,
I embedded a piece of myself.
Open yourself unto me and make me remember.
Wake me up from my fever dream and
Free me from this vertigo.

Hands at my side, I nod my head
To your majesty.
You are within my insomnia,
My beautiful, fruitful insomnia.
The song in my head
Is an aria of infinite dream.
Oceans sway to your whim and word
While entire worlds bay and bow
Before your manifestation.

While I am bound and sealed,
Living in a realm of my own manifestation.
I reach out to remember.
I can take this slice of another world.
I can let a piece of myself live in a blue realm
Of purity and creation.

Once Promethean, now bound,
I punish my liver in longing.
I held in my heart the fire of the gods;
But it burns no more, merely
Smoldering in ash.
All infernos need merely a spark;
I, of the slain, need only to rise.

I know now self-sacrificial honor
And I grow stronger through it.
Still, I crave sustenance.
I know now the pangs of hunger
And I grow swifter through them.
Still, I desire indulgence.
I know the call of the night
And I come to such power in it.
Oh, such sweet grace in the absence of light.

In the depths of longing, I wish in the dark.
Behind reality, a severed soul is whole.
I call out and invoke the one before me.

Soul touches soul;
And in the altars of the spirit,
By the light of the three moons,
To the chants of a thousand thrall,
My black flame is relit by your blue fire.

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