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Best of 2011: Music

   I usually tend to make predictions for the next year in technology when December rolls around. However, this year I will simply list the best of the year we are closing. To kick it off, the best music released in 2011!


Wideawake, Peter Corpse

   Just a quick bit, here… Peter Corpse’s 2010 demo (produced by me and being released under NightWave Media) is up for streaming on MySpace. Downloads will be coming soon.

hosted by NightWave Media

  1. Immortality (Pearl Jam cover)
  2. Tilt
  3. XIII (Danzig cover, inspired by Johnny Cash’s interpretation)
  4. One Last Scream
  5. Old School Necrophiliac
  6. Wideawake

Afterglow & Regret

Here is a two-song single Afterglow & Regret. I recorded this a few months ago and think it should not get lost amongst the rubble of unused recordings. I am releasing it now as a spur of the moment whim. Enjoy?


Goin’ Down South

   Next weekend, I’ll be heading south to record with a friend [@PeterBolster]. I’m looking forward to it. The intended result is a raw, acoustic demo of dark, solid music with a mix of classical, blues, country and rock influences.

   I like heading south. I have good memories and always a good time. This will be fun.