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uh huh

   I am sitting in my living room, unlit Christmas tree beside me, with a raspberry smoothie and voice-killing sore throat, listening to :wumpscut: while reading about the life and death of Mr. Christopher Hitchens.

“The four most over-rated things in life are champagne, lobster, anal sex and picnics.”

A Humorous And Relatively Antagonistic Conversation With A Religious Nut (Part 3)

   The conversation concluded in the only way it could: my severing it. It became increasingly obvious that this participant was still unable to provide an reasonable evidence for the existence of a deity and would repeat his brainwashed mantras like a good little cult sheep. It also became very clear that he was thriving off of this exchange, like a parasite. I was fulfilling some drama in his otherwise pathetic existence. With as little as I thought of him, I didn’t feel the need to give him fodder to stroke his empty ego with. So, just as quickly as I decided he wasn’t worth the discourse, I cut the conversation and threatened to report him as a Facebook ToS violation. He replied (of course, attempting feebly to bait) and I’ve kept to my word.

   Without further preface, here is the final part to this humorous conversation:


A Humorous And Relatively Antagonistic Conversation With A Religious Nut (Part 1)

I have marked my parts of the conversation in bold for easier reading. Last names have been extracted and an unrelated personal portion of the conversation has been stripped from the content (with respect to a third party), but the text is otherwise in original form. I still chuckle when I reread parts. However, as funny as this conversation is, it is also very sad. It is depressing to think that our educational system has failed so miserably that outright falsehoods like these are accepted as truth. It is simultaneously a tad unnerving that this level of brainwashing is so rampant. It is okay to feel a twinge of pity while you giggle.