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Morpheus Live (Regretfully)

A pair of videos from Morpheus’s first show in 7 years have emerged. The gig was at the Pizza Stone in Chester, VT. Each video has two tracks, the quality of which I can only face palm at my self for. Please disregard the backs which moved in front of the disadvantageously inconspicuous camera and the abnormally long 20 second (what the hell?!) intros in each clip.

The Torment and Prisoner of MBG

Saigon Whore and Why Did You Go?

Morpheus Returns

   On Monday night (20 May 2013) at The Pizza Stone in Chester, VT, my old and longest running band, Morpheus, played our first gig in about seven years. Accompanying us for Monday Meltdown were Matt Demon, Get A Grip, Humdinger & The Bucksnort, and Dystrot. It was my first time hearing any of those bands. I loved seeing how Nick of Get A Grip has grown since the early Punk In The Park days. Any chance to see them must be taken. Dystrot was a wonderful dose of death thrash with the talented Angela Champine at the helm. Humdinger & The Bucksnort was my favorite of the night. I expected solid death metal and instead was (extremely) happily surprised to get doused in funk along the way. Josh Josselyn’s guitar work is always a treat to see and hear and his heart’s in exactly the right place to be making music.

   I was a miserable cunt prior to going on. I didn’t feel like we were even close to being ready, but the set went over beyond my expectations. Glad as I may be for that, however, it became very clear that we need to write new material. Playing only songs that I wrote as a teenager and in my early twenties just wasn’t going to cut it anymore. Rob and I are beyond that, musically. We need to move forward.

   What to do? I plan to take the next couple of months turning down any new offers for gigs (aside from the one other booked benefit show in Bellows Falls) to focus on writing new material with Rob. If all goes anywhere near according to plan, we will have a couple of new tunes to premiere at Punk In The Park this summer. See you there.

PS. I made two dollars.