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The Women’s March On Montpelier

An estimated 15-20 thousand people descended on Montpelier, VT to march on the Vermont State House on the 21st of January, 2017, to rally for women’s rights, gender equality, and LGBTQ rights in opposition to the vapid and vile rhetoric of Donald Trump, his supporters, and his presidency. I was there with one fist in the air and a camera in my other.


Same-Sex Marriage In Vermont

   Through the democratic process, our elected officials, given power by popular vote of the people, have chosen to override Governor Douglas’ veto against the same sex marriage legislation. Those of you who are bound to post endless rants against this vote are welcome to, as they say, move to Cuba or some other non-democratic state. This is how the United States of America decides things.

   To you happy parties now able to marry, who are undoubtedly going to tout the democratic process for your win today, remember that some of you not too long ago spoke against democracy with the anticipation of losing this vote. ‘The majority should never hold sway against the minority.’ However, now that sentiment must be eaten and swallowed, for the majority is holding sway over the minority in the views of marriage. Had you lost, you would curse the word you today praise.

   The decision today is the will of the people.

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