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’94 X-Men Trading Cards Wanted

1994 Fleer Ultra X-Men trading cards…
I collected these as a teenager, put what I had away a couple years later, and recently dug it up. I never completed the set, but I have too many to justify now shelling out for a full set. So, I’m looking for singles to fill the holes. Hit the jump for the list!



Web Comic Round Up

Without comics, the web can bugger right off. The news sure isn’t making my morning struggle toward viable consciousness any more pleasant. Web comics make the ride a little smoother. There are many out there I’ve read, and many more in the wild yet undiscovered, but just a handful get my attention with any regularity. This is my daily morning array.


by Randall Munroe
Updated every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Be sure to check out the What If? section while you’re there.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

by Zach Weiner
Updated daily
Wit and book learnin’

The Oatmeal

by Matthew Inman
Updated irregularly
legendary humor

Dinosaur Comics

by Ryan North
Updated every week day
Ancient lizard profundity!

Ornery Boy
by Michael Lalonde
Updated… irregularly?
The adventures of one angry bastard and his cohorts

Know of any amazing strips I might be missing? Tell me all about them in the comments section!