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Cyanopia: Female Vocalist Wanted

CraigsList posting:

   A new Rutland-based band Cyanopia is looking for a female lead singer. Blend of genres may include Goth Rock, Shoegaze, Black Metal, Post-Black Metal, Death Rock, and Gothic Metal. Lead vocals should be clean, however — no growling abilities required. Influences should include Joy Division, Chelsea Wolfe, Amber Asylum, Anne Marie Hurst, Robyn Bright, and The Gathering.

   This is a part-time but serious band. We are looking for someone fun to work with, has an artistic mindset, is passionate, dedicated, flexible, and is not pretentious. Inquiries should begin with an email about yourself. The next step will be vocal samples and a public meet-up over coffee.

Interested? Drop me a line at:

Cyanopia – All Things Burn (2011)

The new and first Cyanopia ep is up for grabs!


Cyanopic Web

   I took the Cyanopia website live today. There is still a good bit of content needed to be uploaded, but it serves as a quality news source for the goings on of the project in this period. Have a look see:



Band name change!


Alternate form of cyanopsia: A condition of the eye in which all objects appear blue…

This first release is a lot heavier than I anticipated. The next one will probably be softer. We are psyched to get these songs recorded and into the wild. Feelings of desolation, longing, and the darkest of our desires have been rendered into sound. Very much looking forward to working with Tom van Iersel. :xx: