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Morbid Angel’s Forthcoming “I”

Since the legendary thrash-to-death metal crossover album, Altars of Madness, was released nearly 20 years ago (16 May 1989, Earache Records), Morbid Angel have continued to innovate the genre and evolve their own sound with each successive (and incidentally, alphabetical) release. Combine this upcoming 20th anniversary with the return of their most missed vocalist David Vincent, and it is no surprise that their dedicated, and sometimes religious, fan base is brimming with anticipation.

On their festival tour this past Summer, Morbid Angel has been playing a new track, the only one revealed thus far, entitled Nevermore. Vocally, this song picks up right where 1995’s Domination, the last studio album to feature Vincent, left off. Musically, it is a nearly unrelenting assault in the vein we’ve come to expect from Morbid Angel. Trey Azagthoth’s guitar sound is a further evolution from what we heard in 2003’s Heretic. Pete Sandoval’s drumming is as crushing and unforgiving as ever.

Overall, the highly-anticipated “I” album, their ninth full-length release, is very promising. Who knows when we’ll get it, however. Morbid Angel have been on a continuous European touring schedule since last Summer. My vote is Spring of 2009, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of their first release. That said, whenever it is released, it will set the death metal world afire.

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live, “guitar cam” footage of Morbid Angel performing Nevermore