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Morpheus 2015 logo

A Morpheus Congrats To H&B On Their New Baby

Congratulations to my dear friends Heather & Brandon on the birth of Cooper!

Morpheus Live (Regretfully)

A pair of videos from Morpheus’s first show in 7 years have emerged. The gig was at the Pizza Stone in Chester, VT. Each video has two tracks, the quality of which I can only face palm at my self for. Please disregard the backs which moved in front of the disadvantageously inconspicuous camera and the abnormally long 20 second (what the hell?!) intros in each clip.

The Torment and Prisoner of MBG

Saigon Whore and Why Did You Go?

From Darkness To Disgust: A History of Morpheus

   Today, the 17th of October, 2008, marks the official 11th anniversary of the inception of Morpheus, a band that was permanently put to rest a little over a year ago. In honor of this date, I am going to give a brief history of the band, as I remember it.