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The Driftless EP

   The Driftless are three beautiful ladies in California making some of the most wonderful bluegrass-colored folk I’ve heard in some time. Together, Megan Saunders (mandolin, banjo, vocals), Blair McLaughlin (guitar, violin, vocals), and Nicole Campbell (violin, guitar, vocals) weave melodies that evoke a soft breeze in a field on a warm summer’s day (and a visit to the pub that very same night). Now, The Driftless have released their first self titled ep and my ears couldn’t be happier.

Running time: 15m11s

1. Lowdown
2. Watercolor Rain
3. Salt And Sweet
4. Capay

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Skot Nocturne – gray.noise


Skot Nocturne: gray.noise

14 Dec 2011



Cyanopia – All Things Burn (2011)

The new and first Cyanopia ep is up for grabs!