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A Response To ‘On Discovery’ by Maxine Hong Kingston

   On Discovery detailed a forceful and brutal transformation from man to woman in an older Chinese style. In this piece, an over-confident male explorer discovers the Land of Women. He is captured by the women, imprisoned, and subjected to physical modifications to become a woman. Over time, he accepts this change and it becomes his gender identity. Through this short tale, author Maxine Hong Kingston is relating how gender is developed over time into one’s identity, and representing a way in which oppression has been used to maintain a gender power dynamic.

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The 100 Day Decline: Trump’s Plans

In November, NPR published an article outlining Donald Trump’s initial plans for his first 100 days in office. A few things stuck out to me.



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Eargasms For Your Genitals EP Review

Eargasms   Marianne Toilet And The Runs are an extravagant sex-positive comedic rock act from Massachusetts. This is a must see live band, which is something that doesn’t always translate well to record. In fact, more often than not, the difference is disappointingly staggering. Thankfully, this is nto the case here. Eargasms For Your Genitals is a really enoyable release that effetively captures the character, hilarity, and fun of their live performance.



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