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Courting Your Grace

The night claws at my back
at the back of my mind — I find serenity —
calling me out.

Sheltered away in my hole
Cannibalizing thoughts until
they are mere rotten remains.
Call me out, sweet night,
and take me into your arms.
Let me drink of your unseen wine
and replenish my well.

I will speak to you
of your divinity.
I will whisper to your ear
the ways I slither around you.
I will run across your plains
and make your earth quake.
I breathe you in,
bask in the euphoria of submersion,
and take you for a walk
into lands unbeknownst to me.

I crave and long.
I am driven to conquer
and devour.

I will dance around you.
I will chant your name.

The sun rose over barren hills to bring life.
Stars told where the sun would come
and when he set, he bled upon the mountains.
Far off a wolf howls over the fresh kill,
blood glistening in the moonlight.
The moon danced in the resting night.
The sea came upon the shore and sighed.
And in the distance, a lantern swayed slowly,
waiting to make port,
waiting to return home.

The future was never written
until it grew into past memory.
What was meant to be was
what I was intent to see.
The past rests.
The future is restless.

I will anger and disgust you.
I will please and enrapture you.
I will do everything but numb you.
We are alive. The blood pumps through our veins.
Our hearts beat, beat, beat the drums
in arcane rhythms.

Thoom, thoom, thoom
I sway and dance and drift about
in a crescendo of passion.
Come come come
Come and join.

The Ages Between Eternity

I’ve been awfully poetic lately. Here is a bit I just finished possibly for a song.


Through Fire And Ash

That last poem post became a back and forth collaborative with my close friend Peter. Here is the current result as of this posting:

Is it time to walk through my shadow?
Is it time to let go and die again?
I always die for them;
So tired of dying for the worthless.
This time I may not be the same on the other side.

This will leave me changed like every time before but this one has cut a wound to my core.

Like a sword
I am forged
In fire and hammered true
To be a better blade against you.

You may try to deceive
You may try to fight
But your forked tongue
And hollow words
Will not stand long against my might.
For I walk with demons;
I am the night.

I am my shadow’s light
Cast against another angle.
You passed through me and I blessed you.
You stood before me and I cursed you.

Now and forever you’ll be filled with your shame.
You’ll be lost in damnation and buried by blame.
You will lay in the bed of lies in which you have made.
So, are you happy now; or just afraid?

Through fire and ash
What has once been
Again has come to pass.
I plead with pity to leave me be
To my own devices. I must
Test and grow stronger.
I must harden and become one
With my shadow again.

I gained a sense of rage
When I lost your trust.