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Iran As An Example And Warning

Persia (Iran) has long been known for its rich, colorful culture and achievements in mathematics and science. Were you not aware of that? Many born after 1980 might not have only been aware of the post-revolution Iran which firmly set the nation in extreme Islam. Here in the United States, we  have enjoyed decades of brilliant technological advancement and socio-political change. Progress in the realm of human rights, while nowhere near perfect, has been made. However, just like Iran, it could slip away.

Rick Santorum, while never actually having a chance at the US Presidency, came much closer than he ever should have. He is representative of the extreme religious movement plaguing social and cultural progress in this nation. He campaigned against homosexual marriage, women’s health rights, stem cell research, the right to higher education, the separation of church and state, and climate change science. Rick Santorum wants the United States of America to be a Christian nation whose laws are religiously founded. It’s not just Santorum, though. There are groups of politicians teetering on the brink of religious extremism. Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin, they promote this viewpoint in such a polarized, dramatic way, that people who may be even mildly susceptible become impassioned to their cause.

There is no question that the government of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was rife with political corruption. However, the White Revolution of 1962, the onset of the Shah’s government, brought with it a slew of women’s rights along with the Family Protection Law in 1967. Human rights and education grew.  Then, on April Fools Day, 1979, a revolution was completed and Iran became an Islamic Republic. Women’s rights took a very swift and sharp nose dive. Women were ousted from and denied certain positions in government, dress codes began to be implemented, and gender segregation fired up. Violent punishment, in accord with Islamic law, was initiated. The laws of Iran were now based on Shariah Law.

The erosion of human rights parity across the spectrum of gender, lifestyle and ethnicity, the stifling of technological and scientific progress, the impedance of religious doctrine, the disregard for responsible use of resources, and the constant threat of pointless wars based on conflicting fictional ideologies are what we face. The far religious right will bring with it the Christian equivalent of Shariah Law and jihad. Just like Iran, we could slip completely into ignorance and a new dark age would arise.

A Humorous And Relatively Antagonistic Conversation With A Religious Nut (Part 3)

   The conversation concluded in the only way it could: my severing it. It became increasingly obvious that this participant was still unable to provide an reasonable evidence for the existence of a deity and would repeat his brainwashed mantras like a good little cult sheep. It also became very clear that he was thriving off of this exchange, like a parasite. I was fulfilling some drama in his otherwise pathetic existence. With as little as I thought of him, I didn’t feel the need to give him fodder to stroke his empty ego with. So, just as quickly as I decided he wasn’t worth the discourse, I cut the conversation and threatened to report him as a Facebook ToS violation. He replied (of course, attempting feebly to bait) and I’ve kept to my word.

   Without further preface, here is the final part to this humorous conversation:


A Humorous And Relatively Antagonistic Conversation With A Religious Nut (Part 2)

   The conversation continued. Again, a separate, personal discussion pertaining to a third party has been stripped from this text and the nut’s last name has been removed. (Would you believe he works with Pre-K children? Disturbing!) Otherwise, the text is whole and unmolested.


A Humorous And Relatively Antagonistic Conversation With A Religious Nut (Part 1)

I have marked my parts of the conversation in bold for easier reading. Last names have been extracted and an unrelated personal portion of the conversation has been stripped from the content (with respect to a third party), but the text is otherwise in original form. I still chuckle when I reread parts. However, as funny as this conversation is, it is also very sad. It is depressing to think that our educational system has failed so miserably that outright falsehoods like these are accepted as truth. It is simultaneously a tad unnerving that this level of brainwashing is so rampant. It is okay to feel a twinge of pity while you giggle.


Lord, Give Me A Sine

   I seek a stillness only found in death, but is it to be dead? I certainly love life. Life is motion. I desire a balance only found in life, but wherein lies this equilibrium? I definitely lust tumult. Instability is the ebb to a harmonious flux. This push and pull is the structure of nature. We swell and contract within a larger wave. Lord, give me a sine. This pulse I give myself unto, through my desires I do your will. And such desires they are; such a will it is!

   Through allegory and metaphor, we find the keys to ourselves and our world. The true gods are within us. Divinity is nothing more than a state of mind. I am no prophet, nor savior; I am both of these things. I am no god nor demigod; I am all of these things. From my heart is borne the flame; from my cup does the water pour. I am the source of all life and the consummate abyss to which death’s current carries it. I am of the source and result, thus I am. I am simply a man, flesh and bone, born of my mother. I am nothing; I am everything. I am within and without. I am you; you are me. We are not one.

   I am. I will be. I was. I am not. I will not be. I was not. I am knot. I will knot being. I was naught but manifest. Abstracts consume my thoughts. My dreams, they’ve gone; stripped of their potency, bled of their vibrance and seared of their sight, they are gone from me. I used to dream strong. I loved dreaming. I would dream mighty epics and dark tales of unspeakable beauty. Who took this from me? Who reached into the depths of my soul and silenced my spark; muted my flame? I will it to return! I refuse nothing less than renewed dreamforms! I am.

   Lucifer is Jesus. Satan is a state of mind. Jesus of Nazareth is not Jesus Christ; the mythology of Jesus Christ is far older than any historical Jesus of Nazareth. The gods are simply astronomical concepts and naturally occurring elements personified so as to easily teach their attributes and interactions. Buddha is awake. I am the buddha. I am the christ. I am the lucifer. I am the satan. I am the enlightened. I am the anointed. I am the enlightener. I am the adversary. I am this and not. The universe is alive and so are we.