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more captured photons

   Roll #3 was developed today. There are a few I very much love. Please, taste them.

captured photons

   I got my first pair of film cartridges developed from my initial tests with a classic Canon AE-1 Program 35mm film SLR. The results were fun. Ten shots in particular stood out for me. I am not fond of the film developer’s digital transfer, though. The noise grain in the darker regions are not on my prints, just the digital copies. Hit the jump for a peek.


Involuntary Camslaughter

   I am uploading and posting the last sets of photographs [devArt link] my now dead Nikon Coolpix 5600 took. Rest in pieces, 5600. You will be remembered. I’ll also be putting up the first photo I took with Cora’s new Nikon Coolpix S210. That is one sweet piece of digital point-and-shoot camera. It will definitely hold me off until I get my hands on a Nikon dSLR (likely a D60) kit. I swear I am not being paid for endorsement! It’s like Leo Laporte once said, in the digital camera world, you have two groups: Canon people and Nikon people. I am definitely a Nikon person.

   I was first introduced to the Coolpix line when I received a 3200 [pic] for my birthday. I was then let loose on the world, capturing innumerable photons with that little baby. It left me, however, when it was stolen at a show in South Burlington. I mourned deeply. Time passed, and I eventually decided to purchase another. I was adamant in my new camera being similar. I stayed within Nikon’s Coolpix line and picked up the ill-fated 5600. Over the next few years, I took gigabytes of photos with it. It went almost everywhere I did. I miss it now; but I also look forward to the future. RIP, Nikon Coolpix 5600.