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Jól Kisses the Sun Goodnight

…and draped upon my world is snow, snow, snow.

Last night I dreamt of the first snow.

Last night I dreamt of the first snow. It was early morning and I had just emerged from sleep. I descended to the first floor of my apartment and was overcome by the dim, pale, blue light. Outside was like a blizzard, though it was only putting down a heavy dusting. But in the early morning light filtered through the snowfall, I was completely taken by the beauty. I made my coffee and opened my curtains. The blizzard cleared and the brilliant winter sun shone immutably, spilling perfect light into my living room from a paragon sky. I stepped out my back door and smelled the fresh winter air. I felt the snow beneath my toes. I woke up.

November Grey

   Samhain is over and the latter half of Autumn is well in its chilled breath. In November, death has settled into the world and the ground is beginning to harden. The lights of December have not yet reached their prime. Snow taunts and teases and it spits flurries upon us, not yet ready to lay its blanket down. The brilliant, fiery leaves of Autumn’s entrance have all fallen, turning brown upon the earth. In this period, I will make desolate music, before life returns in the joyous celebrations of light that come wrapped around December.


This month is grey.