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Open Science: Carriers Find A New Way To Chain Users

   The Library of Congress’ Copyright Office has determined that unlocking one’s mobile device to work with a different carrier is illegal. This is accomplished through their management of Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) exemptions. This is an egregious violation of the principles behind fair use.


CES 2011

It’s time for my Sunday round-up of items in the news coverage of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.




CES 2011 kicks off in a few days and tablets are looking to be the big thing. Wait… is this déjà vu I am feeling?


CES 2010 Is Coming

   Every year, I get excited like a little school girl for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, NV. I am nowhere near there, but I monitor the major tech content outlets for their reports, broadcasts and adventures at CES through the weekend. I love technology, gadgetry and the sense of wonder involved in previewing new concoctions and contraptions.

   This year’s CES will take place next weekend, from Thursday the 7th of January, to Sunday the 10th of January. More information on the show can be found at:

   Keep an eye out for my constant twittering and blogging through the weekend!

My CES Twitters, Part One

Do you dare…?

Tech Requests For 2009

   Welcome to my third annual tech wishlist! In 2007, I wished for more eye candy and visual sweetness in my interfaces (most often my OS), a new free, independent music site and a dream phone similar to the iPhone just days before its January 9th announcement [link]. In 2008, I desired massive improvements to mobile devices and an all-in-one, Apple woes, a new Quake (still waiting!), the dissipation of the Duke Nukem vapor, Knights of the Old Republic MMO confirmation (got it! The Old Republic!), an improvement to Amazon Unbox (still waiting…), what I called the Vista Millenium Effect (hello, Windows 7), municipal wifi, and a great year for gaming [link]. What do I want this year?

V. Wish: A sub-$200, >2GHz Netbook running Ubuntu with superb WiFi, ~2GiB of DDR-SDRAM, and excellent battery life should find its way into my lap.

IV. Prediction: Microsoft Windows 7 will prove to be to Windows Vista what Windows XP was to Windows ME. The detractors will balk and the fanboys will drink the kool-aid; but the objective minded moderates will approve.

III. Wish: Scalable game design should take hold. You shouldn’t need to be running a liquid-nitrogen cooled, $8000 custom rig to play the latest and greatest games. In fact, games should be able to run cleanly on a current $300 budget machine, but scale up to look breath-taking on those high end $10K beasts. I would also like to see an end to SecuROM.

II. Prediction: Star Wars: The Old Republic will take a respectable piece of the MMORPG marketshare from World of Warcraft and pull some good numbers. Also, I will enjoy the game immensely.

      …and the number one wish for 2009?

I. The RIAA and MPAA will be exposed and collectively charged under RICO laws when a disgruntled SafeNet (nee MediaSentry) discloses to the public and press all sorts of dirt and bile. A torrent (pun fully intended) of federal indictments will rain down upon the bastards and the people will rejoice. This is not too likely; but a man can dream, can’t he?