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He Gave Us The Slip

NIN Trent Reznor is back with another new nine inch nails release. This time, as a gift to the fans, the entire album is free to download. Again, as with Ghosts, it is 100% Digital Rights Management (DRM) free. Unlike Ghosts, however, this is a traditional NIN release — vocals and all. I spent some time with The Slip to see how it struck me. While I support Trent and his newfound freedom wholly, his last few releases haven’t held up to the first 12 halos [link] in my ears.

nine inch nails - The Slip (2008) The instrumental track opening this release up, 999,999, is a a neat, little piece of atmospheric synth play. 1,000,000 kicks in nice and distorted, albeit with Trent’s more recent upbeat melodies. It is nice to see some of the familiar droning sounds filling out the soundscapes. Is that a hint of breakbeat in Letting You? Discipline reminds me why Trent is so damn good at writing about obsession. Echoplex is an interesting sound, like his own personal escape chamber. Lights In The Sky is a soft, poignant dream swirling downward into oblivion. Paired with the instrumental piece Corona Radiata, this is easily one of my favorite portions of the album. The concluding section of this release is a nice, dark wrap-up of an all around great recording.

The Slip fails to capture the aggression of old NIN, but makes up for it with solid and tight compositions. All in all, this is a strong release. It stands above the rest of the post-Closure era and is a right solid set. The Slip shows both Trent’s maturity as a song writer and the forward progression of his style. This will be on my mp3 player for some time to come.