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We Will Always Go To War

People are tribal and divisive by nature. We don’t need a reason to segregate and clash given to us, we’ll find our own. Religion, ethnicity, geography, sub-culture, sexual preferences, politics, ideology, company, brand, movie franchise, comic book character, TV series, nation, region, state, county, city or town, neighborhood, it doesn’t matter. We’re amazing at finding a reason to group off and battle and we’ll find ways to reason and justify it. This has always been true. We’ll do anything to regain the pack mentality. We’ll dig as deeply as we need to find a reason to group off and conflict. We will always go to war.


Another old piece, as it was written. This is titled Quickening and is companion to Awakening.


Without Turmoil, It’s Just Sand, Rock, And Sludge

   What Israel is doing and has been doing to the Palestinians is wrong. The continued building, the blockades, the oppression are terrible. However, Hamas’s response is not just terrible but also inane. You would think that, by now, Hamas would realize that continually lobbing rockets over the border will accomplish nothing but the incurred and clearly disproportionate wrath of the IDF. Albert Einstein famously said, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." This is no less true here. Both sides need strict ceasefire. Israel needs to stop the blockade business. Palestine needs to be its own state, its own nation separate from Israel.


   Maybe part of the problem is that everyone thinks some god will help them out of this crap. No god will stop this. No paradise waits for the dead on any side of this conflict.


   Ah hell. I am tired of this crap. It’s tiring giving a shit about something this constant. Y’know what, Middle East? Screw you. You’ve been at this, in some form or another, for 8000 years. Not that the Western World is perfect by any means, but seriously… come on. Dude. Really. If you can’t be cool to one another, you all need to go take a break in time out.