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Emp(a)t(h)y After

   I have not written and posted a blog entry in some time. Perhaps it is my busy schedule. Perhaps I just feel uninspired and unmotivated to do so. Perhaps I just have nothing left in me at the end of my day. That is too bad, indeed, because I love this wintry weather and it typically inspires me to no end. Where, then, has my creativity gone?

   Maybe the shorter winter days are once more taking their toll on my brain chemistry. This occurred much in my early teens, and possibly into my childhood. It cannot be the lack of light insofar as my liking persists, as I have a deep affection for the night and its inherent beauty. Perhaps the root of this is a vitamin D deficiency from the lessened sunlight. I can only speculate the cause and try to counter it by taking in more D fortified foods and forcing myself to creative outlets.

   I confess to having heard a leak of the new Ihsahn album due out on the 26th, After. I will be buying this without a second thought. It is easily his best solo effort. I recommend it to the world.

I should have been a scientist.