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Techno Destructos Vs. The Earth

- Sunday, July 17, 2011

   I have noticed a small collection of silly similarities between Techno Viking, Techno Destructo, and Destructos Vs. The Earth. Read on for the comparison.

Destructos Vs. The Earth
   Destructos Vs. The Earth is one of the more unconventional tracks from death metal masters Morbid Angel’s new album Illud Divinum Insanus (2011, Season of Mist — read my review here). It references Robotech and the invasion of Earth by an alien race with the sole purpose of exterminating the allegedly failed human race. Below is a YouTube clip of the track over a fan made video compilation.


Techno Destructo
   Techno Destructo is a fictional character from the GWAR universe and easily the most popular of GWAR’s zany assortment of villains. He is portrayed by long-time GWAR collaborator Hunter Jackson. Techno, along with GWAR, is one of the original Scumdogs of the Universe who, when GWAR turns against the Master, is commissioned with killing them. He is a frequently recurring character, at one point even marrying GWAR’s sexy demigoddess Slymenstra Hymen. Below is a rendition of his first GWAR song Techno’s Song from the Live In Antarctica video.


Techno Viking
   Techno Viking is an internet meme that has grown to notable prominence as a viral video. During the 2000 Fuck Parade in Berlin, a rowdy man bumped into and pushed a female dancer, which prompted the bearded man, dubbed Techno Viking, to restrain and deter the man, forcing him to sit on the moving vehicle, presumably part of the parade. The rest of the video consists of Techno Viking dancing. This spread like wildfire, making the man a legend. The original clip can be viewed below.


The Invasion
   How do these pieces all fit together? Hunter Jackson, the man behind Techno Destructo, bears some resemblance to Techno Viking. Coincidence? Well, yes, entirely. I remarked, when the song titled for Illud Divinum Insanus were released, that a GWAR remix of the song would be amusing, considering the name similarity. Now, Techno Viking has been associated with Destructos Vs. The Earth through a fan video on YouTube [see below]. This silly trinity needs to come together. So say we all!

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