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Theatre of Disease

- Friday, October 22, 2010

The Theatre of Disease presents Pathosis, consisting of two acts in desolate sonnet.

Act I: A Plague of Body


Yersinia Pestis, the bacteria alleged to be responsible for all of Europe’s great plagues, is a tricky bugger. It led to one third of the population of Europe being wiped out. People sewed their own death shrouds around themselves as they died. Normally-sound minds cracked amidst the chaos. A continent sat in fear. Humankind collectively shivered from an opponent too small to see with the eye.


Pestis Perennis, the natural evolution of the microbial world, is testament to the unending drive of life. Just as we kept evolving, so do the unseen organisms all over our world. It is widely considered to be inevitable that numerous superbugs, modern plagues, will come forward and continually wipe out large portions of our population. While we often feel like we are the world’s chosen babies, it would do us well to remember that nature does not play favorites.

Act II: A Plague of Mind


En Souffrance Pour Amour Foncé – isn’t this behind all great art and expression? To suffer darkly for the most heightened of passions is the very heart of what our minds construct gods and demons around. Longing could be its own genre. The darkness that follows it is a force nearly unmatched in human expression.


Screams In The Dark underscore some of the most common fearscapes. Utter torment combined with the unseen is the nightmare of a creature who feels the need to know and dominate its world.


Theatre of Disease is a work in progress and is recruiting musicians.

pensivewaters AT live DOT com

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