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The 100 Day Decline: Trump’s Plans

- Friday, December 9, 2016

In November, NPR published an article outlining Donald Trump’s initial plans for his first 100 days in office. A few things stuck out to me.


Congressional term limits provides absolutely no guarantee of a better congress, in fact it deincentivises it. What incentivises congressional performance is the threat of losing one’s position to someone else (you know, like that free market principle the right likes to tout). Afraid of career politicians? Tell people in their district/state to vote for someone else. Like a representative or senator who has served their limit? Too bad! It is nonsensical and only sounds good as rhetoric.

For every new federal regulation, two federal regulations must be eliminated? That’s asinine. It asks to play numbers on regulation rather than allowing the quality/efficacy to be the determining factor in the existence of the regulation.

The removal of fossil fuel production restrictions is going to take a fat dump on our country. “Clean” coal is a joke and the removal of funds to climate change programs betrays a severe, severe idiocy and ignorance to blatantly clear science (as does his pick for EPA transition).

School Choice And Education Opportunity Act is going to perpetuate the education problem. Eliminating a national educational standard ensures the dumb states stay dumb, poor quality districts stay poor, and privately owned scam schools thrive.

I suspect the Affordable Childcare and Eldercare Act sounds better than it is. The likelihood is that it creates these incentives while removing things like the childcare subsidy which is literally the only reason many working parents are even able to go to work.

Not only is the wall not actually going to stop illegal immigrants from coming in, it’s also going to be a massive burden on the taxpayer both in construction and in those proposed prison terms (which in some cases may even incentivise repeat offense for those three hots and a cot). No, Mexico is not going to pay for it. Anyone who believes they will is severely impaired.

It is interesting to me that the Clean Up Corruption In Washington Act has no specifics listed on said ethics reforms for “draining the swamp,” but I suppose we’ll see.

Don’t expect to see a number of these plans actually go into action, though. Many of them are opposed by both sides of the aisle in both branches of congress.


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