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in the end, she was nothing more than a pair of wings.


New music coming soon.

Morpheus: Let the nightmare begin...
Morpheus was less a band and more a depraved force of nature. From its deviant experimental beginnings in 1997 to its piss-drenched hardcore demise, Morpheus was a ride no one should have been on but everyone simultaneously regretted and enjoyed.
Now back from the dead, Morpheus is a focused force aiming to feed on your nightmares and rupture your ears. Hide your fears...

Scott Frank
When I make solo music now, it can be found at:

inactive Projects

In 2010, I developed the idea of Cyanopia as a goth rock band. The idea evolved into something more comprehensive and personal, instrumental and melancholic.

Skot Nocturne
From 2001-2012, I made music under the name Skot Nocturne (aka XV1, and later the nine(9) project), in the beginning for all things not Morpheus and subsequently my primary outlet. The styles have varied but it remained dark with electronic elements.

Psychotic Assault
Vermont death metal, plain and simple. I took up arms as a second guitarist for a year.

Nihilist und Christ: das reimt sich, das reimt sich nicht bloss.
The AntiChrist, Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche