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Skot Nocturne on BandCamp

photo by Jennifer Stanley    I make this music as an expression of my being and the world around me in which I am manifest. It is not bound by genre nor trend. It is what it is. I have many influences without limitations in not simply what genres I manifest in but beyond music itself. Everything influences me. I create through passion and peace... fertility and sterility. I manifest through destruction and creation.

I thrive on music, the pulse of the universe.

gray.noise (2011):tit: (2010)Afterglow & Regret (2010)Dark Current (2010)Scripture (2008)ANTITHESIS (2007)The Split Album b/w D-Lux (2005)An Age of Darkness And Despair (2001-2005)

elder "releases" have been purged. thank you.