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An Age of Darkness (2001-2005) An Age of Darkness And Despair: XV1 2001-2005
2008, DigitaLucifer.Net
Running Time: 65m50s
  01 Generation Shit [mp3]
  02 Misanthropia (sadistic intent) [mp3]
  03 Within [mp3]
  04 Stink [mp3]
  05 liquid (warm) [mp3]
  06 Descent [mp3]
  07 An Ascent To War [mp3]
  08 Descent II (deeper still) [mp3]
  09 Psycholatry [mp3]
  10 extra-sensory aggression [mp3]
  11 give (fearfuck) [mp3]
  12 rest in the abyss [mp3]
  13 burning leaves fallen (prelude) [mp3]
  14 digital luzifera [mp3]
  15 in evil solidarity [mp3]
  16 turn to dirt (morpheus) [mp3]
  17 demon of the desert wind [mp3]
  18 her pale black moon [mp3]

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