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Scott Frank . photographer, designer, media

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   The inspirations for my work follow a chain of feelings and passions, whether momentary or long lived. Art triggers a feeling within me I can only describe by likening to spirituality or religion. In the absence of any spiritual belief, art becomes my religion and by creating my pieces, I am communing with that part of my mind. If I look at a piece the next day and feel what I felt when creating it, my mission was accomplished.

   I love the texture of a cheap canvas. It is rough, sometimes uneven and uncooperative, and that oft-tumultuous nature reluctantly invites the caress of my brushes lovingly. I love a thin brush that may streak and slice across a plane.



Photography Sessions
I am available for a variety of photo shoots. I can do family portraits, special events, weddings, artist and musician promotional sessions, live music, boudoir, erotic, real estate, and commercial sessions.  
Message me through my Facebook page or via email [parabolae@scottjfrank.com] for a quote!

All Other Projects
I am available for commissioned work for paintings, illustrations, website design, and various small media or IT projects.

Original art can be found for sale in my Etsy shop! All work is also available as inexpensive print reproduction.

Download my CV [pdf]

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